Diametric Beautifully Styled Template

Diametric, the April 2012 template release, is a beautifully layered template, with a distinct panel-based design, using the powerful ColorChooser system. The template has integrated styling for a range of popular RocketTheme extensions, such as RokSprocket, allowing for maximum visual and structural flexibility.


Gorgeous 12 Preset Styles

Choose one of the included preset styles by specifying it in the template manager

Flexible 84 Module Positions

To get you started right, Diametric is utilized with plenty of available module positions

RokSprocket Enhance Your Content

A revolutionary Joomla 2.5 extension to replace a variety of content modules

RokExtensions RocketTheme Powered

There is compatibility styling for some major RocketTheme extensions Diametric

Interested? Want to Use Diametric for Your Website?


Styles Variation

Multiple Preset Styles Diametric

Modules Layout

Versatile & Flexible Layout Diametric

Module Variations

Fashion & Style the Module Diametric

Menu Options

Integrated Powerful Menu System Diametric


Make the Content Sexier Diametric

Styled Extensions

RocketTheme Extensions Styled Diametric

RokSprocket Styled

Inclusive RokSprocket Integration Diametric

Logo Picker

Pick Your Logo From Template Manager Diametric

Joomla! Stuff

Styled for Regular Joomla! Stuffs Diametric

Gantry Framework Features

  • 960 Grid System
    CSS grid framework for constructing web content based on a width of 960 pixels
  • Per-menu-item Configuration
    Powerful feature in Gantry to control configuration on a per-menu-item basis
  • iPhone / Android Compatible
    iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android custom theme support
  • Grid RTL Support
    Built in RTL support which will automatically order the layout to support RTL.
Gantry Admin iPhone/Android Compatible
  • All the Features - in One Complete List

Diametric Template

  • 12 Preset Styles
  • 84 Module Positions
  • Powered by Gantry
  • Fusion with MegaMenu
  • SplitMenu
  • Custom Typography
  • RokSprocket Styling
  • RokExtensions Styling
  • JavaScript Input Styling
  • RTL Layout Support
  • Major Browsers Support
  • W3C XHTML1.0 / CSS3 Valid

Gantry Framework

  • 960 Grid System - 6 Grids per Row
  • Per-menu-item Configuration
  • Source Ordered Mainbody
  • Extensive Administrator Interface
  • Image Smart Loading
  • iPhone / Android Compatible
  • Grid RTL Support
  • Built-in GZip and General Caching
  • Google Web Fonts Support
  • Per Browser based CSS / JS control
  • System Requirements

  • Apache 2.x or Microsoft IIS 7
    Most widely deployed web server software which is required to run Joomla!
  • PHP 5.3.x
    General-purpose server-side scripting language designed for web development.
  • MySQL 5.0.4 or higher
    The most popular open-source database system that providing databases.
  • RokNavMenu Module
    Essential ingredient of powerful menu system of RocketTheme templates.